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What You Need to Know About Virtual Signings with Your Notary.

Here are some answers to our clients’ most common questions and concerns regarding electronic signatures and virtual signings:

Do the electronic deeds have the same validity as those signed on paper?

Electronic deeds are just as valid as paper deeds. Your Notary ensures the validity of the deed by respecting the rules and obligations set forth by their professional order.

How does one have a virtual meeting? How does it work?

You will be given a scheduled appointment, just as if you were signing in person. A virtual signing requires a formal meeting with your Notary. Your Notary will send you a Teams meeting invite which you will access at the time of the scheduled meeting. You will be asked to show two (2) pieces of ID to your Notary so that they can validate your identity. The Notary will show all relevant documents by sharing their screen with you and will read and explain them to you.

When it comes time to sign, you will receive an e-mail from the ConsignO Cloud platform prompting you to follow instructions for signature. Your Notary will guide you through the process. Each party to the deed must have access to their own personal emails.

A key factor in maintaining the validity of the electronic signature is that you must be prepared to remain on camera throughout the entirety of the meeting. You will not be permitted to sign anything off camera.

While virtual signings offer a lot of flexibility, it is important that you have access to a quiet space, free of any distractions during your meeting with the Notary.

What equipment do I need to have to be able to partake in virtual signings?

You must have a laptop with a camera or two (2) mobile devices, such as a cellphone and a tablet.

If you are planning on using your cellphone to join the Teams meeting, you will need a second device to sign on. It is likely that the Teams app will shut the camera once you leave the app to access your emails. Because you must remain on camera during the signature, you will not be able to sign electronically if you only have a cellphone with you during your meeting.

Can one party to the deed sign on paper and the other party sign electronically?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. For the deed to maintain its validity, all parties must sign using the same format. If one party signs electronically, all parties must do so.

If I sign electronically, can I still receive paper copies of my documents?

Yes. Our office will provide you with paper certified copies of the documents you will sign during your appointment(s) with the Notary.



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